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MÍCHEÁL DARBY Ó Fatharta. An Rithim Réidh. CD

An Rithim Réidh
Mícheál Darby Ó Fatharta
Melodeon Music from Conamara
€ 16.00
With Celtic Wrapping Paper:



'An Rithim Réidh' literally means 'the gentle or easy rhythm', and that's what it is, a beautiful  collection of Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes, played in a very tasteful style by highly respected Conamara melodeon player,  Mícheál Darby Ó Fatharta.

The booklet accompanying the albam, contains very comprehensive notes an all the tunes, and the guest musicians.

"It heartens me to see the younger players still opting for the melodeon and may they increase and multiply in Connemara and all over Ireland! I hope, dear listener, that you will enjoy my music' Mícheál Darby.



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